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Designed For Training And Development Teams From The Authors Of The Best seller Book The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning

Learn How to Turn Training and Development into Business Results at Your Own Pace

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Online School

Get certified and learn how to turn training and development into Business Results with the Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning, at your own pace.

Get certified and learn how to turn training and development into Business Results with the Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning, at your own pace.

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Put this powerful, proven approach to work for you.

A comprehensive, business-centric approach that complements and extends instructional design to ensure that learning and development programs produce business results.

Adopted by leading companies worldwide.

Recognized as the new standard in corporate L&D.

ADDDIE and the 6Ds
The six disciplines

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You will have access to: Concepts - Practice - Application - Tools - Examples - Resources

Success Stories

“I introduced The Six Disciplines to GE’s Global Learning Council and I am very glad that I did. The Six Disciplines gives us a common language and a common process that work very well in GE.”

Jayne Johnson

Director, GE Global Learning, Crotonville

“The 6Ds model provided a powerful framework for designing high- impact learning programs that helped to shape our approach to learning and to align our learning leaders across the organization.”

Robert Sachs

PhD, VP, Learning and Development, Kaiser-Permanente

“Learning professionals who apply The Six Disciplines in their day-to-day work will deliver undeniable value to any organization.”

Nicole Roy-Tobin

CLO, Financial Advisory Services, Deloitte

Some Organizations that have utilized the 6Ds:

The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning

Meet The Authors

Roy Pollock & Andy Jefferson

Business Leaders

  • With a passion for making sure Training and Development delivers business value


  • Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning
  • Getting Your Money’s Worth from Training and Development

Teachers and Facilitators

  • Frequent speakers who enjoy sharing what they have learned

Unlock The Full Program

The full program comprises seven in-depth modules.

Each of the seven modules includes:


  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Short, illustrated videos introducing key concepts and practices.


  • A short “test your understanding” quiz on key concepts with detailed feedback on each potential answer.
  • Assignments for continuing the learning through on-the-job application.


  • Short videos on practical application of the principles.
  • Topics for online forum discussions with other participants.
  • Suggested actions to take.


  • Job aids to application.
  • A Checklist for applying the discipline.


  • One to three written case repots illustrating application of the principles.
  • Zero to three video interviews with learning leaders about the topic.


  • Lecture Notes and Workbook for module.
  • Recommended reading list.
  • “How-to” guides.

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20% Discount on any course plus get a Signed Copy of The Six Discipline of Breakthrough Learning Book.

Peer To Peer

Peer To Peer

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Includes all the materials above plus the opportunity to have a threaded discussion with other learners on any of the topics, modules, tools or assignments.

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Includes all of the materials above, the opportunity for threaded discussion PLUS the opportunity to submit assignments and/or questions about the materials to a certified 6Ds master facilitator.

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Regular Price: $1497


Includes everything in the Expert Guidance Option PLUS the opportunity to become a “Certified 6Ds Practitioner” by submitting an acceptable work product demonstrating application.

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Join the authors of the best-selling Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning for an engaging, interactive, and highly productive, learning process without having to travel.

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